With the recent news reports of a racist assault in Huntly, some people have the perception that it’s a town that you should be wary about.

We weren’t surprised when members of the community stepped in to share how disgusted they were by what happened. Commercial Realty has had the opportunity to sell several properties there over the years and has built up good relationships within the area. We’d like to offer our support to the town, and share, that in reality, Huntly has a warm community spirit, and a community board and district council who are committed to developing the town.

We currently have a 2,938sqm commercial food grade property for let or lease in the centre of the town, These are rare to find. Add to that the benefits of easy access to New Zealand’s transportation network, square meterage of 2,938 for the annual rental of $350,000 plus opex and GST, and it seems a waste that false perceptions might negatively influence businesses looking to relocate. Especially if they miss out on this excellent opportunity.

The former River Mill Bakeries building, is suitable for a wide range of activities from filleting fish to bagging peanuts. It meets the most demanding tenants requirements as it;

- gives you peace of mind, you’ll have no power outrages here – it has its own power supply onsite

- will save you money with Bondor insulation panels already installed throughout the site

- has a good functional layout with a rear side road for truck access, spacious rooms adaptable for multiple uses and chillers and freezers already in place

- has quick and easy access to New Zealand’s transportation networks

- a loyal and motivated labour force available for recruitment

- and if you want to relocate your own team, they have the luxury of property hunting for homes with a median cost in the area of only $297,000 and easy access to lots of entertainment ranging from tracks, zoos and Rainbows End

This property is available from June 2017, but the owners are open to releasing the site earlier if needed.

To find out more click here or contact David Turner by phone 021 796 688, or email david@commercialrealty.co.nz